NFT Marketing is an idea that I had in early 2021 after seeing how fast the NFT industry was growing. As more and more media started catching on to what NFTs were and more and more artists started to become aware I saw the need for someone with professional marketing experience to come on the scene and start guiding these new artists.

It’s easy for people to get attracted to easy money because that is what the media makes NFTs seem like. They push out this narrative that makes it seem as if an artist suddenly became rich overnight by selling their artwork on the NFT marketplace for millions of dollars. And yes this does happen, like in the case of Beeple and his “Everydays – The First 5,000 Days”, but this in no way was an overnight success. As the title of the artwork itself says, this is something that Beeple (real name Mike Winkelmann) worked on for over 5,000 days since 2007! It’s been a project 13 years in the making. Now, Beeple has gone to sell other artwork that hasn’t taken that long to make for millions of dollars but he is a rare case. Most NFT artists aren’t going to make millions of dollars off their artwork. But this doesn’t mean that regular independent artists can’t make ANY money on the NFT marketplace. On the contrary, I believe that with the correct marketing strategy and with the right artwork an artist can make more than a comfortable living selling their work as NFTs. We have seen a lot of new artists coming to the scene and making a few thousand dollars on their first sales while others make a few hundred and while this may not seem like a lot when compared to the Nyan cat selling for $600,000 or other projects selling in the 6-7 digits range, this is great, for someone just getting started.

So I saw the need for this type of knowledge in this space so I got together with other marketing gurus that I know and put together the content that is in the Ultimate Guide to Making Money with NFTs. I personally have over 12 years of experience in the marketing world and have managed over $1,000,000 in ad spend for over 60 clients ranging from your mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar store down the street to your large multinational corporation looking to break into emerging markets such as Africa or South America. I have seen it all and have had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life in almost every industry you can think of. I have built over 600 websites and implemented marketing strategies for about 400-500 clients during this time. I have managed up to 10 employees at an award-winning agency and have helped startups grow from less than 10 employees to successful exits for their founders and even one IPO offering.

This is to say nothing of the rest of the team of great marketers that I have spoken with about this subject and we all believe that by taking the proven strategies that we use in the marketing industry and applying them to the NFT marketplace, we can help independent artists to have a shot at doing what they love and making a living from that. So we decided to take those strategies, that we like to keep hidden for job security purposes, and meshed them together with the NFT world to create this 40+ page guide that we are extremely proud of.

We have used the strategies in this guide to help about 10-15 new artists that we know personally or met online and they, together, have made a total of about 80-90 ETH selling their work on the NFT marketplace thanks to these strategies. Now, know that these strategies ARE NOT overnight success strategies. The things we cover in the guide are things that require serious dedication and persistence. You will need to teach yourself certain skills or at least have friends/family that can help you with things that you may not know or feel comfortable doing. You WILL have to get on social media using your artist persona to grow your following and we cover strategies to do all that and more. You will need to build interest and buzz in your brand and your artwork for it to sell but you can take advantage of the strategies that large corporations like Amazon or Walmart use to sell their products and use it to sell your artwork as NFTs.

You can do this and you can make a living doing it and it has been proven by people we are working with. I myself have even sold some NFT artwork even though I am mostly a web designer, developer, and entrepreneur but I do have experience with photoshop so I took my little experience ade a few pieces of art and sold them on the NFT marketplace after using some of the strategies covered in this guide.

Since this is brand new I do want to offer something for free upfront before you invest $19.99 into purchasing this guide so that you can get an idea of what is covered inside this guide. So if you are still interested, subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive the first chapter of the guide for free, as well as the entire table of contents so you can see what is included in the rest of the 40+ page guide. This took months to create so we hope you enjoy it and take your time reading through it. Take notes as you go along and come back to anything you don’t understand. To signup click the button that says Free Chapter in the main menu.

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